From Lima to Cusco

The itinerary to Cusco was a 1180 km long way starting from the pacific coast at 0 m of altitude going up to 4746 m on its highest point and back “down” to 3000 m over sea level in Cusco. The whole trip took us 4 days and 3 nights and two of them we spent for the first time in our tent. Continue reading “From Lima to Cusco”


From Cuenca to Lima

Normally this article was supposed to be called from “Capital to Capital” because we wanted to skip some places to get faster down to Patagonia as winter approaching and our final destination Ushuaia still remains far. Our plan -as very often- didn’t work out that well. During our stay in Quito my oil tank began leaking and no matter how many mechanics I consulted I never stopped refilling oil every single day from then on.  Continue reading “From Cuenca to Lima”

Ruta 25

Once again in the small Colombian town of La Paila we hit the Ruta 25 on our way down to Patagonia. For those who don’t know, the Ruta 25 is one of the big roads in Colombia connecting the North with the South guiding you through big green plains filled with cattle and beautiful Haciendas as well as on mountainous tracks promising great views and dangerous switchbacks. On our journey we took the road twice, from Cartagena to Medellín and another time a part of the road I want to write about which took us from La Paila all the way to Ecuador.Those who read “Ups I did it again!” will know that my first encounter with this road didn’t go well, the second time we meet it should be different.

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Ups I did it again!

Boy oh boy was I happy when we arrived in Cartagena. After 10 days on a boat with 8 other people, a small stinky dorm and no shower it felt great to change the shaky deck against solid ground and space! The first thing we did once we arrived in Colombia was -off course- doing the paperwork, first ours and then the of our bikes, which wasn’t that easy because we didn’t cross a normal border and therefore all the institutions we had to go to weren’t at one place.

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From Panama to Colombia

From Puerto Viejo we continued our trip to Bocas del Toro, Panama. The border to Panama was stressful again because we had to buy an insurance for every bike and everything works very slow at borders. Almirante, the small town before Bocas del Toro was just 40km away from the border. However, due to the long waiting time at the Panamanian customs it was too late to take a public ferry to the island where our Hostel was. Continue reading “From Panama to Colombia”

Costa Rica

After Nicaragua our next destination was La Fortuna in Costa Rica. For those who are themselves interested in travelling in Central America on a bike, consider that in Costa Rica you have to buy an insurance for 20$ and that paperwork is more time-killing than it even was in the other countries before. But after 5 hours we’ve been on the road again. The short trip from the border to La Fortuna took us another 5 hours, not because the roads were bad but

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